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(C-27 Landscape Contractor Lic # 852075)

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Complete Landscape Design
We offer complete landscape design including plants, patios, walkways, arbors, walls - any feature you would like to include. We can incorporate existing plants and features that you would like to preserve or design a completely new outdoor space.

Landscape Lighting Design
Enhance the beauty of garden and home dramatically by showcasing architectural and plant features with lighting techniques. We use Low voltage landscape lighting. Path lighting using low fixtures which direct illumination down and outward or moonlighting can guarantee to increase your home and garden's security, safety, enjoyment and value.

Partial Landscape Design
Would you prefer to keep the walkways, decks, benches, a favorite birdbath and change the plants? We can do a plant design for specific areas of the yard. If you are interested in keeping most of the plants, but would like to add some new plants and change or add a patio or walkway We can do a design that blends together everything you would like to keep with the new features.

Consultation - Design and Horticultural Practices
We can work with you to discuss landscape design ideas for your yard. We can identify and discuss care of the plants in your yard. What could be done to improve the soil in your yard? When is the best time prune and fertilize your plants? What plants could be moved to a better location taking into account soil and light requirements, size and design considerations?

Plant Order Services
We specialize in chosen plant types that we really enjoy offering.  We individually select the plant for your needs and do guarantee that each plant is a healthy plant. We specialize in California native plants and can special order rare and ornamental plants.

Plant Care Calendar
We can create a Plant Care Calendar specifically for the plants in your yard. The calendar will tell you when to fertilize and prune your plants and, if you have them, the best time to plant your annuals and vegetables.

How Can You Execute the Design?
We are licensed Contractor and also possess local business license. We do quality installation as per the trade standards. We build our design as well as designs by other designer and architects.

Fine Gardening
We maintain your garden based on best horticultural practices. Your landscape is a sizeable investment and keeping it in prime shape enhances the value of your home.


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