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What are our clients saying about us.......
 It's amazing to see the transformation. Luckily we forgot what the yard looked like before; We just love enjoying the after! Thanks for all your help and knowledge about the plants. You are the best! 
- Carol, Paul and Olivia
I enjoyed working with you and love the yard you designed for me. I love sitting out there and looking at the beautiful plants.
- Jean Anderson, Mountain View, CA
We are extremely pleased with Shubha Landscape Design for our yard care! Now everything is so well tended instead of being ignored by the mow & blow service we used to employ. The plants are rejuvinated and have produced multitudes of fruits and flowers. The bees, hummingbirds, and squirrels are especially attracted to the yard and drive our indoor cats crazy! I can't imagine why we waited so long to seek out your services!
- Susan and Barry Porter, Santa Clara, CA
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Shubha Landscape Design. We are so pleased with her design concepts and have experienced a beautiful transformation in our surroundings--all made possible by her efforts. She listened carefully to what we wanted to achieve and kept intact what we wanted to keep in our landscape design. She was most patient and understanding of our wishes, and her excellent resources and training are outstanding. We are most grateful to her for not trying to impose on us a design which did not fit our lifestyle. She was extremely thorough in the careful selection of plants, shrubs and trees, and we are thoroughly delighted with the creativeness and quality of her work. We often refer to our garden as "The Garden of Eden".
- Phyllis Wright
Your creative suggestions helped us compose an attractive landscape for our backyard. I am very impressed by your knowledge of plants, design materials and your dedication to your work.
- Anjali Deshmukh
I am very pleased with Shubha's work. Shubha did our landscape design. She has a very deep and extensive knowledge of plants and with her academic background in Botany, she was able to recommend the ideal plants for our home's front yard and back yard. Due to her intuitive nature, she was able to easily understand my preference and aesthetic sense and was able to design a garden per my requirements and within budget.
With her diligent efforts and capacity to pay attention to details she managed to get all the work completed on time and satisfactorily. I would strongly recommed her as your landscape artist.
- Aparna Pujar
With Shubha, you can count on getting your money's worth. She offers very personalized, reliable and professional service. Unlike others, she explains what and why she is doing the work at hand and what to expect as a result. We were impressed by the timeliness and efficiency of her work. We highly recommend Shubha for her horticultural services.
- Neelam and Niteen Vaidya
Our landscaping project is being handled by Shubha with great dedication,
sincerity and enthusiasm. Shubha has a cheerful attitude and is especially
knowledgeable about plants, including rare varieties, proper planting, care and maintenance.
- Nandini and Prashant Kanhere
We were really impressed with your knowledge and dedication. The Marathi nomenclature in the mix was a big plus ! Shubha took this project up as if it was her own backyard. She respected our tight / extra-tight budget and made every attempt to suggest cheaper alternatives, at the same time, not suggesting the cheapest alternative just to get the work done. The "value" was the main consideration.
- Dipti and Girish Joshi, Palo Alto, CA
We found Shubha Landscape Design very efficient and professional.
We are very pleased with the work quality.Shubha personally looks into all the work, she is very dedicated and very knowledeable really passionate about her work.
We were very satisfied with her and her company for all the hard work that went into making our yard so beautiful.
- Ashwini Datar
 Partial Client List


  • Joan Rawson Residence, Palo Alto       
  • Campbell Physical Therapy, Campbell   
  • Carl Vargas Residence, San Jose        
  • Deshmukh Residence, Cupertino          
  • Kortikar Residence, Sunnyvale            
  • Dighe Residence, Sunnyvale
  • Diamond Residence, Palo Alto
  • Pollex Residence, Campbell
  • Poonam and Nachiket Sharma Residence, Sunnyvale
  • Hinckley Residence, Los Altos
  • Coates and Sowards Inc. San Jose
  • Jean Anderson, Mountain View
  • Kanhere Residence, Cupertino
  • Tony Hernandez, San Jose
  • Veronica Cooper Residence, Cupertino
  • Amie Chang, Los Altos
  • Phyllis z. Wright, West San Jose
  • Harper Residence, Santa Clara
  • Pujar Residence, San Jose
  • Vaidya Residence, Santa Clara
  • Shashi Jaggia, Los Altos
  • Maria Rodriguez, San Jose
  • Terri Vine, Palo Alto
  • Mamta & Himanshu Choksi, Los Altos Hills
  • Madhu & Ram Bhide Residence, San Jose
  • Dee & Gary Ellmann Residece, Palo Alto
  • Bill Vines, E. Palo Alto
  • Louis Bini, Santa Clara
  • Niu Xinhui Residence, Los Altos
  • Berry Porter Residence, Santa Clara
  • Robert Millavec Residence, Palo Alto
  • Susan Ogren Residence, Palo Alto
  • Dipti & Girish Joshi, Palo Alto
  • Anita & Shirish Sathe Residence, Saratoga
  • Suverna & Prasad Gadgil Residence, Santa Clara
  • Veena and Mohan Uttarwar Residence, Cupertino
  • Kim Tran Residence, Monte Sereno
  • Dan Marshell Residence, Palo Alto
  • Kristen Mello Residence, Sunnyvale
  • Ikuko and Steve Residence, Santa Clara
  • Isabel A. Rodrigues, Cupertino
  • Madhumati Godbole, Cupertino
  • David Ibnale, Palo Alto
  • Lorri Mitchel, Palo Alto
  • Nina Ungar, Palo Alto
  • Aparna Pujar, Campbell
  • Richard Sharp, Portola Valley
  • Rick Tan, San Jose
  • Shanti Subramanyam, Saratoga
  • Ayres Wesley, Los Altos
  • Holly Henrickson, Santa Clara
  • Reina Oramas, Los Altos
  • Gail Schein, Sunnyvale
  • John Schacter, Stanford
  • Laurie Goldman, Menlo Park
  • Martha Lampert, Sunnyvale
  • Nancy Roseman, Palo Alto
  • Prue Ferris, Palo Alto
  • John Fan, Palo Alto
  • Meenu and Inder Bhasin, Menlo Park
  • Katherine Penny Residence, Mountain View
  • Joe Petolino Residence, Palo Alto
  • Lila Hem Hingarh Residence, Saratoga
  • Dr.Samuel Strober Residence, Portola Valley
  • Stella Lee Residence, Palo Alto
  • Tru Love Residence, Palo Alto
  • Lisa-Marie Namphy, Trustee(Camille Chin), Palo Alto
  • Jeana Rose Residence, Palo Alto
  • Cheryl Bartholomew Residence, Sunnyvale
  • Mimi Lee Residence, San Jose
  • Ron Vierra Residence, Palo Alto
  • Masao Yamamura, Palo Alto
  • Nanda and Girish Sherikar Residence, Fremont
  • Dorit Eliou Residence, Mountain View
  • Alis Construction, San Jose
  • Poonam and Parijat Chitale Residence, Cupertino
  • Swati & Ashok Joshi Residence, Cupertino
  • Gloria & Marty Wayne Residence, Sunnyvale
  • Shobana Pandyala Residence, Saratoga
  • Chris Mengarelli Residence, San Jose
  • Vibha Gaytonde Residence, Saratoga
  • Sprouse Residence, San Jose
  • Julia and Spencer Shanson Residence, Menlo Park
  • Jui and Abhijit Pandit Residence, Cupertino
  • Ashwini and Vivek Datar Residence, Cupertino
  • Carol and Small Hunt Residence, Saratoga
  • Rupali and Shekhar Bhide Residence, Palo Alto
  • Deepu Rathi, Monte Sereno
  • Jennifer and Trevor Zink, Campbell
  • Susan Steffens, San Jose
  • Chandana Ranjan Sinha Residence, Los Altos Hills
  • Gusman Residence, Palo Alto
  • Ruchi Jain, Fremont
  • Shailesh Alluri, Fremont
  • Olivier Rozay, Mountain View
  • Sushma Chandrasekaran, Fremont
  • Mohan Maturia, San Jose
  • Mala Shiva Shiva Kumar, Fremont




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